Barbara Bouchet was born on August 15th in Reichenberg, Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia (under German control during WW2). After the war, her family immigrated to the United States when she was 12 years old. They settled in San Francisco in the mid 50s, and Barbara attended Galileo High School.

During this time, she won a 'Miss Gidget' contest and was a regular on the local televised teen dance show, 'The KPIX Dance Party' hosted by Dick Stewart. Her exceptional beauty, plus having a father who was a professional photographer made modeling a logical progression.

She relocated to Los Angeles for modeling work. A meeting with producer Martin Melcher led to her starting a film career. Through the mid to late 60s, she appeared in such films as Good Neighbor Sam (with Jack Lemmon), Sex And The Single Girl (with Henry Fonda), Otto Preminger's In Harm's Way, Casino Royale (with David Niven), and on classic television shows Star Trek (the 'By Any Other Name' episode), The Man From U.N.C.L.E, and Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea.

After stops in New York and London, she went to Italy in 1969 to make Colpo Rovente/The Syndicate: A Death In The Family (arguably the greatest Italian Crime film of all time). Making the film turned out to be a landmark for Ms. Bouchet as she stayed and made Italy her new home, and started her family there.

From the 70s to early 80s she appeared in everything from Gialli/Thrillers, Costume Dramas, Euro Crime/Policiesco, and Comedies. Her work includes many films that are considered classics of their genres, such as Caliber 9, Amuck, The Black Belly Of The Tarantula, Don't Torture A Duckling, and Ricco.

In the mid-80s she concentrated on television and fitness, producing workout videos and opening a gym in Rome. 1995 found her in the theater performing in the comedic play "La Presidentessa" with Gigi Reder.

Today, Ms. Bouchet continues to take on roles and is a popular guest on Italian television. She also enjoys painting and her abstract-style artwork is shown in galleries. Throughout her career, her extraordinary talent, beauty, charm, and professionalism has always been present in her work. She remains highly in demand and much loved by fans around the world.